Activities (Selection)


Following an international search, Fabian Offert (MAT Ph.D spring 2020) has accepted a tenure-track position
in the department of German & Slavic Studies at UCSB

Jieliang (Rodger) Luo (MAT Ph.D. winter 2020) has accepted a position as Principal AI researcher at Autodesk

"Cangjie", an intelligent VR artwork by Ph.D student Weidi Zhang and Dr. Donghao Ren (CS Ph.D 2018) received
the 'Juried Selection' Award at the 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival

"I am a__Neuron" by Yoon Chung Han (MAT Ph.D 2016) accepted in the ACM DAC 2020 Exhibition

"Biometric Data" by Yoon Chung Han exhibited in the interactivity session in ACM CHI 2020


"Illustrating Dynamics and Probability", keynote by George Legrady at the Institute for Computational and Experimental
Research in Mathematics (ICERM), Brown University

"Repository", a VR art solo show by Weidi Zhang in CXU gallery, Los Angeles

"Lavin", an intelligent VR experience by Rodger Luo and Weidi Zhang in SwissNex Gallery, SF

"Lavin", an intelligent VR experience by Rodger Luo and Weidi Zhang accepted in ACM SIGGRAPH Art Gallery

"Borrowed Scenery", a spatial visualization in VR space by Weidi Zhang accepted in IEEE VIS art program, Vancouver


"Bridging Reinforcement learning and creativity: implementing reinforcement learning in processing", SA'18, Siggraph Asia,
Tokyo (Jieliang (Rodger) Luo)

"The Ising Model: Blink & Polyptic" SA'18, Siggraph Asia, Tokyo, Art Gallery (George Legrady)

"Fantastic Shredder 符号实验", a VR art installation by Weidi Zhang exhibited in Times Art Museum, Beijing


"Voice of Sisyphus" installation exhibited in the "Datumsoria" exhibition at the ZKM museum, Karlsruhe, Germany,
a project by George Legrady, Ryan McGee (MAT Ph.D 2015), Joshua Dickinson (MS, 2013)

"Sonifying Visuals + Visualizing Sound", Currents New Media curated by (Yoon Chung Han)

"Making Visible the Invisible DataVis at the Seattle Public Library", Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics, UCLA (George Legrady)