Word frequency visualization of the Seattle Public Library project data realized at iCinema, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia (2018)

Art graduate student Adam Jahnke documenting his project with face-recognition robotic cameras and Deep Learning software (2018)

"Extruding Circos" by Mohit Hingorani, a spiral visualization representing performance of programming languages over time (2014)

Weidi Zhang presenting her Virtual Reality software project to UCSB Art Museum Senior Fellow of Research and Media Paksy Plackis-Cheng (2019)

FP-Tree algorithm visualization study of the occurrence of the word "water" in the titles of Seattle Public Library checkouts (2012)

Physics Prof. Lubin explains his custom built deep space radio frequency receptor device. Attending: JV Decemvirale, Hannah Wolfe, Prof. Lubin, Prof. Legrady, Nathen Weitzner (2014)

Camera robots run around in search of faces. Robotic cameras assembled by undergraduate students in the arts185 studio course (fall 2016)