Feng Shui Prevalence in the Seattle Public Library
MAT 259, 2019
Yoko R. Ebata

With a desire to explore the prominence of feng shui in the SPL over the decade between 2008-2018, in addition to the variations of nonfictional feng shui Dewey Classes that have been checked out in SPL, I wanted to create a visualization that replicated the existence of checkouts with the topic of feng shui practices. This was an experiment to see what Dewey classes may have applied, and also to see if it's still a common thing people were curious about.

SELECT title as Title, YEAR(cout) as year, TIME(cout) as time, MONTH(cout) as month, SUBSTRING(deweyClass, 1, 3) as dewey, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(DATE(cout)) as Unix, Counts FROM (
SELECT cout, bibNumber, deweyClass, title, COUNT(bibNumber) AS Counts
FROM spl_2016.outraw
WHERE YEAR(cout) BETWEEN 2008 AND 2018 AND title LIKE '%feng shui%' AND (deweyClass IS NOT NULL) AND deweyClass NOT LIKE ' ' AND deweyClass NOT LIKE ''
GROUP BY cout, deweyClass ASC, bibNumber , title
ORDER BY DATE(cout) ASC, deweyClass ASC, bibNumber , title) as tbl

Preliminary sketches
There were no sketches made for this data vis project.

Researching more about how I wanted to illustrate the data for this topic, I found that there are radial elements when this topic is searched. However, with limitations I have in my skills to visualize data in this way, I carried on with a traditional 3D data graph.

Final result
As a result, the main significance of this data expresses that the main classifications of feng shui are dominantly under Dewey Class 133: Specific topics in Parapsychology and Occultism. All other topics are minor distributions of the feng shui topic makeup (for all nonfictionals). A unique observation can also be made with the assortment of Dewey Classes that existed in the earlier half of the decade, versus the lack of variety of Dewey Classes in the second half of the decade. It can be seen that the second half of the decade is mainly composed of (within the minor deweyClasses) Housekeeping, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Decoration. As an overall trend observation, there also seems to be a significant drop of feng shui items in the last months of 2018.

I would love to recreate this visualization by wrapping the data visualization in a radial platform (like a cylinder) to give the similar effect of the feng shui diagrams shown in the Google image results. I would also like to utilize the GUIs from ControlP5 to create a switch panel to show and individualize the displays of deweyClasses in the data to closely observe the different classes (which I had some trouble displaying).

All work is developed within Processing
Source Code + Data