The Popularity of The Artist
MAT 259, 2016
Lu Liu

People use diverse ways to show their favorites.
For example, the popularity of a singer not only could be revealed from music website, but also picture website.
I tried to find the connections between these singers and did comparison of the popularity of their arts works in different types social medias(Instagram and Spotify).

I used the API from Instagram and Spotify.

Preliminary sketches
The first idea of first version is the picture moving along with the soundwave of specific song.

First Version Sketch:

Second Version Sketch:

First Version:

I found this form(first version) was not enough to present the data itself, so I did some revision.

Final result
Every circle represents a singer. The line means these two artists have some connections. Clicking the circle, you can see the detail info about this singer. The popularity of his/her/their every album, every track. And the comparion of popularity of each song in Instagram and Spotify.
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All work is developed within Processing
Source Code + Data