3D Radial Diagram
MAT 259, 2015
Anastasiya Lazareva

For this project I created a 3D version of a spider diagram. The dataset was more granular than in my previous visualization.

select floor(t1.deweyClass/100)*100 as dewey1, floor(t2.deweyClass/100)*100 as dewey2 from spl2.inraw as t1, spl2.inraw as t2 where t1.cout = t2.cout and t1.cin = t2.cin and t1.itemNumber != t2.itemNumber and t1.deweyClass != '' and t2.deweyClass != '' and year(t1.cout) > 2010;

Preliminary sketches
Initially I used a dataset that looked at grouped dewey categoires into 9 buckets. I later added some volume to the series items. Finally, I expaned my dataset to include 99 dewey category buckets whch made the visualization a little more interesting to explore.


Final result
Although this visualization isn't great for giving a precise look at the data, it looks dynamic and interesting.

I used Processing.

Control: The user can use the Control P5 controls to space out the diagram and to move the grid.

Source Code + Data