2D Spatial Map
MAT 259, 2014
Lakshman Nataraj

In this assignment, I plan to analyze the checkouts for some of the top 10 manga and visualize them in a 2D spatial map. Specifically, I'm interested in observing the trend for every month from 2011-2013 (3 years, 12 months). For every manga, I would end up with a 1-D array of length 36 (12 times 3) and for 10 manga, a 2-D array of width 36 and height 10 (10x36).
The top 20 manga I obtained from the website mangapanda.com is shown below:
1. Naruto
2. Bleach
3. One Piece
4. Fairy Tail
5. Dengeki Daisy
6. Skip Beat
7. Vampire Knight
8. Black Bird
9. Soul Eater

Names like Bleach, One Piece and other common names, the queries are often not comics. So I had to first go and check the dewey classes for the comics. It seems the deweyClass for all comics is 741.5952. A count of all checkouts for this deweyClass got me a total of 934,610 (almost 1 Million!) entries. However, since I'm only interested in some specific manga, I modified the query with the exact deweyClass.

Background and Sketches

A sample query that returns 36 values from Jan 2011 to Dec 2013:

SELECT year(cout),month(cout),count(*) FROM spl2.inraw
where (title like "%rosario%" and itemtype="acbk")
and (year(cout)>="2011" and year(cout)<"2014")
and deweyClass = "741.5952"
group by year(cout),month(cout)
limit 0,1000000;

Final Visualization

I used Processing
Source Code

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