Three-Dimensional Interactive Project
MAT 259, 2013
Ramon Rovirosa

The point of my visualization was to track books & other media items about the subject of travel from around the world in a 3d space. The information is displayed with a cylinder for each country over its Latitude and Longitude, and the cylinder height representing the number of checkouts for books on that country. One can also search for a regions such as the Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America, etc...


SELECT title as Title, Count(IF(subj like '%travel%', 1, NULL)) as travelCount FROM inraw where subj like '%travel%' GROUP BY title Having Count(IF(subj like '%travel%', 1, NULL)) > 1;

Results and Analysis
Overall, this project went through many changes and restructurings. The hardest part was to display all the information I wanted to effectively. Working in 3d was fun yet challenging. I hope that from the visualization with minimal explanation a patron could look at my project and understand what I was trying to convey.

Version 1.

Version 2.

I used Processing and Peasycam.

Download the libraries for processing 1.5.1: audioutils, BezierSQLib, colorutils, controlIP5, datautils, G4P, GLGraphics, json, peasycam, simutils, toxiclibs_p5, toxiclibscore, verletphysics, volumeutils.

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