2D Spatial Map
MAT 259, 2013
Jay Byungkyu Kang

As social media such as Facebook or Twitter become more important in our daily life, they are considered as crucial tools for various objectives. For instance, most of the major companies use them to develop aggressive marketing strategies. Moreover, recently, Twitter has been widely used as a tactical medium for political campaigns in many countries.
Therefore, I would like to visualize the distribution of transactions of contents which contain one of the most frequently used social media: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Each of the above social networking services has a distinctive character of its own.

and Sketches

SELECT count(*), DATE_FORMAT(o,'%Y-%m') as coutmonth, SUBSTRING(dewey,1,1) as dw FROM title, activity, dewey WHERE title.bib = activity.bib AND activity.bib = dewey.bib AND LOWER(title) like '% + keywords[index] + %' AND (SUBSTR(dewey,1,1) = '6' OR SUBSTR(dewey,1,1) = '0' OR SUBSTR(dewey,1,1) = '3') AND year(o) > 2007 AND year(o) < 2013 GROUP BY coutmonth, dw;
As can be seen below, we can easily see the overall popularity of social media based on the distribution of the check-outs of relevant materials in the SPL. We can also compare the popularity(in terms of the number of transactions) across different years or months. Moreover, the implementation is delivering some interactivity. For instance,

I used Processing.

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