Final Project: Earth
MAT 259, 2012
Yoon Chung Han

The main goal of this project was to explore total transactions between 2005-2011 related to "Earth." The query searched the whole transactions that had more than 20,000hours(833days, 2.28years) checked out duration. The book contents included "Earth" in titles or keywords.

and Sketches
Idea 1:
The goal of this idea is to investigate transactions related to "Earth" from 2005 to 2011 by arranging in 3D sphere. In a 3D sphere, there will many small spheres floating inside the sphere, and each small spheres represent each different checked-out and checked-in items. Different colors will represent dewey classes that can make distinct difference among spheres and pleasant visuals. Small spheres will be connected by organic/straights lines each other based on duration of checked it and out time. Overall, the timeline will be arranged in yearly, monthly and daily. The vertical axis will be month section. The horizontal axis will be day section. If users hover the small spheres, detailed information (titles, dates, and duration) will be shown up.

Idea 2:
The goal of this idea is to explore the cover images of the most popularly checked-out items from 2005 to 2011. The cover images will be arranged in 3D sphere, so users can explore each different images yearly. If users hover each image, they can get more details such as the number of checked-out, name of authors, titles of books, and dewey classes. The screen will be separated into two sections: the first one will be to show book cover images in 3D sphere, and the second one will be text types.

select FLOOR(deweyClass/10)*10 as subgroup, TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR, cout, cin), title, cout, cin from spl0.inraw where (deweyClass <> 'null' OR deweyClass <> NULL) and (TITLE LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject1' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject2' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject3' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject4' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject5' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject6' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject7' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject8' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject9' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject10' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject11' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject12' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject13' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject14' LIKE '%earth%' OR 'subject15' LIKE '%earth%' ) and (TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR, cout, cin)) > 20000 and year(cout) >= 2005 and year(cin) <= 2011 ORDER BY 'TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR, cout, cin)' ASC;

Result and
The overall visuals looked like a 3D sphere or Earth. Each different colors represented different Dewey classes. There are two parts of designs: first one is based on 3D sphere structure. Second one is a text sphere. Based on timely spiral shape, small spheres were situated from top to bottom, and the radii of spheres represented the duration of transactions. And the lines across the spheres connected each checked out and in items with the same dewey colors. You can see only spheres, or lines by pressing key 1,2,3. Also, each year,month,day date and duration numbers show up next to each spheres when you press key 4. Finally, all the book titles are shown up from the center, and spread toward to outside. (key 5)

I used the PeasyCam library in Processing.

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Source Code

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